Something definitely went down between Bolt and Betty last night. They have both been all over each other earlier in the night, sitting right beside each other, drinking together, alongside Elikem and Feza, at some point Betty rested her head over Bolt's shoulder while he softly played with her hair and randomly kissing each other. Later in the night when most housemates were already asleep, the camera was on Elikem and Fatima, Yes you heard right, Fatima. Both sleeping on the same bed and chatting, later on the camera shifted to Bolt and Betty on the same bed with what obviously looked like something was going on.
  Betty  laid  down on her side with part of her back facing Bolt, and face facing the roof, the look and expression on her face was that of someone getting the good D. Bolt was obviously doing something to her. It couldn't be said exactly what it was he was doing but his hands were underneath the blanket that covered them up to a part of their body and he was in a position of someone giving it to her from behind. This happened so fast as the camera immediately shifted  from them and went back to Elikem and Fatima together. We all know Biggie is a kill joy Sigh! Did Bolt and Betty have sex? Hmmm... obviously something went down and we can only be sure what it was when we get to see the clip on BBVIP.
Meanwhile, what is Elikem up to? Is he really using Feza to play the game because she's HOH as some housemates have insinuated. Elikem and Fatima got so close on the bed chatting which was inaudible and later, Fatima put her head on his bare shoulder and her right hand on his chest and was like that till they both slept off in that position. If you were watching for the first time, you  would think these two have been dating each for so long. And let's not forget that Fatima said emphatically in her diary session with Big Brother that she will never have sex or make out  in the house.

Hmmmm!, Big Brother is not the only one watching, Big sister, Laurasboxx is also watching.